TR . KILLER DAYS . BEST OF from Found Boards on Vimeo.

Thomas Robinson’s best waves from the film Killer Days:

Filmed By Todd Barnes & Chris Bryan
Edited By Todd Barnes
Music By Warumpi Band ” Blackfella Whitefella “

State of Art Academy 2014 Drone from The Boundary on Vimeo.

ASimpleAct-Group16 from Leewon Seo on Vimeo.

Demid Lebedev— Urban Explorer from nolanzangas on Vimeo.

Instagram: @night.shift @demidism

Demid Lebedev filmed over the the course of a week. Filmed and edited by Nolan Zangas Canon 7D Canon 24-105 L Peleng 8mm

Tom Fugle from scott pommier on Vimeo.

Longtime bike-builder, 72-year-old Tom Fugle is working to complete a chopper for the Born Free motorcycle show. After years of toiling in relative obscurity and near poverty Tom’s work is at last getting some recognition.

*Updated with a new epilogue.

Director/DP: Scott Pommier
Producer/Story Editor: Andrew Norton
Assistant Editor: Patrick Barfoot
Original Score: Jonn Ollsin



jonn ollsin

Thanks to:
PMG multirotors
Wooden Camera
Red Digital Cinema

Coffee Run - a cafe racer journey from Caronte Cycles on Vimeo.

Shot using a GoPro Hero3, ride around the country roads in the north West of England and Liverpool.Enjoy the ride!


Artist: Real Estate
Album: Real Estate
Song: Beach Comber

Urban. Mountain guide. from Lundhags on Vimeo.

Being a guide is my profession – and it is my life. To feel good, I simply have to be active and outdoors. When I am outside with others who do not spend a lot of time in nature, I notice that they also really enjoy it. You can go to Barcelona for a weekend, of course, but then you come home and are completely exhausted. Out in nature you get energy in a completely different way. I think that many people have forgotten this.